Just what is a "Spewgilist?"

We have opinions.  We express them without concern to your feelings, sensitivities, or political correctness.  If you do not like us, you are welcome to never speak to us again.  Somehow, we will survive.

Fine, then what is "Spewgilist.com?"

Spewgilist.com is a site dedicated to geek culture with a heavy emphasis on small press gaming and developers.  You won't see a review for the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield POS here.  You will see Indie game recaps and reviews of independent shops and interviews with developers.


We focus on the small shop and independents because, that's where the innovation and heart of geek culture is born and lives.  Plus, chicks dig the indie scene.  We know because we heard us tell them as much as they were walking away.

Do you think that makes you better than other sites?

Wow, sounds like someone needs a beer.

What if I want to write for you?

That sounds great.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Send us a few articles.  Tell people how much you love us.  And if you can show a consistent effort, we'll hook you up with press credentials for conventions and events.

Because we're cool like like.

Just ask us.

Fine, what if I want you to cover something I like?

Well, then, you should let us know.  Send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Music, theatre, conventions, podcasts, whatever you are doing and you want us to provide coverage.  Because, and this is important, we do not know everything that is going on and rather depend on folks contacting us so we can extend our site to include aspects of the range of your interests.

But what if what I like is not really geek culture?

Seriously?  Geek culture is whatever geeks like,  Just as a gamer is a person who plays games.  If folks are pretending there is some test or requirement for a "real" geek, they are idiots.  If people find that offensive, tough and shit.