The Hourglass Pub

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is a good pub.

A good pub has to have three main things:

  1. A great beer selection
  2. A relaxing atmosphere
  3. A reason to come back

The Hourglass Pub at 345 E. Bay Street in Jacksonville, FL exceeds all of these criteria.

They have a great range of tap bears, satisfying any taste, minus Coors Light and other associated, "Why are you drinking that when there is good beer available" brands.  Not to worry, because along with their excellent craft bee selection, prominently displayed and easy to review in it's own glass fronted fridge, they have standard US domestic beer, and, as I saw, they don't even judge you for ordering them.

They have a decent sized bar, tables in the bar, tables on the sidewalk, and tables out back in an enclosed garden-esque environment.  There are game machines and pool and darts and pinball and a lot of eclectic artwork all around.  The staff is friendly and helpful and the service is pretty damn good.  There is even a set of armchairs and couches around a low table with, I believe, a NES hooked up and ready to play.

But what if alcohol is not your thing?  No problem, sample the selections from their great coffee bar and, if you are so inclined, grab a hookah to complete your evening.  That's right, they have hookahs too.

They also have a small stage on which they have a selection of entertainment from comedy to Mad Cowford Improv to bands to, well, just about anything to strike your interest and give it a tweak or three.

Oh, and it's pet friendly.

Because they're cool like that.

You should go there.  And buy me a beer.

Below is a sample of the artwork littered around the place: