Windows 10 and Elder Scrolls Online Loading Error

After being underwhelmed by the beta, I was convinced to buy Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) to game with friends I have known for 40-ish years.

I'm old and still alive, and though I know it is a shock I have friends at all, I do and some of them I have known since I was barely a teenager.  Scary.  That I was ever that young.

Regardless, ESO.  I play it only to do things with friends.  I don't enjoy the crafting element of the game because I do not enjoy crafting in general in games, EVE being the only exception.  I liked the, buy a blueprint, improve the blueprint, get the material, submit the build, go away until it's ready aspect.

So I play less ESO than my friends do, my character, just one, is lagging in stats, and when a friend came up from Orlando this weekend, we were supposed to do a mini LAN party whilst drinking beverages of choices and eating completely healthy food.

And I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 on Friday night before I went to see the love of my life perform in her improv troop.  I know, it's kinda creepy that I am in love.  Plus, she's awesome.  No one is more surprised than I am about this turn of events.

The love thing, not Windows 10.  I figured I was done with that sort of thing after my wife of 18 years left in 2008.  I mean, I dated, but love?  Please, I've got things to do.  I love my dad, I love my brothers, I love my kids and nieces and nephews and, really, that was enough.

Until I heard a report about OKCupid's question and matching process and thought, "Bullshit, one more moronic dating site," created a profile, and met her a couple of weeks later.  And fell in love a few months later.  And have been in the best relationship of my life for a year and a half now.

I'll get around to writing the "How OKCupid Ruined My Life" in a bit, right now we're talking about Windows 10 and ESO and the Loading Screen error.  Please focus.

After the pretty damn easy upgrade to Windows 10, I noticed I did not have sound.  That sucked, I've got a 2.5 year old ASUS G75VW with 12 gig RAM, and I7 2.4 GHz processor, two, 1 TB hard drives, and a nVidia 670M graphics card.  The graphics card is starting to age, but the rest of the machine remains very solid.

I poked the sound setting, checked the "Disable all enhancements" box in the properties of the sound controller, and, not at all magically, sound was restored.

And then I tired to run ESO.

It displayed the Loading Screen and that was it.

I did some research, found very little of use, decided against clicking the "THIS MAGIC DRIVE FROM A SITE I SWEAR YOU CAN TRUST MAGICALLY FIXED THE PROBLEM FOR ME!" links, and dug a bit more.

I rebooted, updated my graphics driver, rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, rebooted, even uninstalled and updated Flash, and rebooted. Still, nothing past the "Loading" screen.

And then I noticed "reader_sl.exe" was giving me errors.  Furthermore, I, finally, noticed, these only happened when I tried to launch ESO.  So I uninstalled all Adobe products and reinstalled them.  And that did it.

What worked for me was uninstalling all Adobe products after the Windows 10 upgrade was complete and reinstalling them.

I probably should have just said that in the first place.