How Can I Get My Product Reviewed?

You have a product.  We have folks who want to review it.  What could be easier?

Contact Pugilist, Editor-in-Chief, if you want us to review your stuff.

We'll need a copy, of course, that will never be returned but will, most probably, be included in a give-away.  We will never sell your stuff, never charge a penny for it.  A few times a year, we will take the things we have accumulated and make them available either to charities, as part of a Con related contest, or just packaged up and made available through an in-house contest.

Also, we guarantee a real review, warts and all, that you can review for accuracy but not content.  So, if your pushing crap, you probably do not want us to look at your creation.  

Lastly, you must be, or have the approval of, the Intellectual Property owner.

Preference is given to small shops and independents.  Why?  Because geek culture is all about folks creating and we want to support you in your efforts