Matt Dawson, Mudslinger

Do you remember Mudslinger from Origins 2006?

No? Philistine.

Well we do and it looks as if the project is getting dusted off to take to a Kickstarter dance. How can you tell?

Because we just told you.


We caught up with Matt Dawson and pestered him with questions we thought were clever while rummaging through his pockets for spare change.


Don't tell him.

Spewgilist: When we last spoke in 2007, when I was still young and pretty and had, as of yet, to scream at the kids to get off my lawn, Mudslinger was an excellent and delightfully vicious prototype game in search of a publisher. Can you give us a rundown of the path that has led to 2015?

Matt Dawson: Following Origins, we actually had a few publishers who wanted to take a closer peek at Mudslinger. At their request, we made up a few extra copies (as we sold out of everything at Origins) and sent them on. Conversations went back and forth and we ended up dropping two of them relatively early on. One was a small publisher who just didn't have the financing or means to get Mudslinger published properly, in our opinion. The other wanted to make so many changes to the game that it would have lost much of its character. Unfortunately, the one publisher we thought might take it all the way bailed on us after months of going back and forth. They ultimately decided Mudslinger wouldn't be a suitable match for their audience. As for changes to the game itself, we did actually make one small gameplay change following Origins that cleaned up the last few balancing issues we’d had. Anyway, after going through conversations for months with publishers and working two years on Mudslinger, I was a bit burnt out. I put it down, not expecting to ever come back to it, actually. It was at my friends’ and co-workers’ requests that motivated this upcoming Kickstarter. Hopefully, Mudslinger will find a larger audience soon.

Spewgilist: So, Kickstarter. Excellent idea and well pursued by several game makers. Tell us about your plans; you can include social security numbers, if you wish, though we, personally, advise against it.

Matt Dawson: We intend to launch a “pre-Kickstarter” site very soon, explaining details of the games; include some reviews (such as yours; it was glorious and thank you for that!); some video of people playing the game and a few other odds and ends. Several weeks later, we will officially launch the Kickstarter and shoot for hitting our goal within 30 days.

Spewgilist: What will be new and exciting about Mudslinger this time around? We assume Spewgilist will be included as a major news organization that is trusted and revered by the entire world, but then, we are quite delusional.

Matt Dawson: We’re working on securing an artist who I think would be great for this project. I don’t want to say his name, as I don’t want to overpromise and under-deliver, but if we get him, I assure you I will dance spastically. He may not be very well known, but he is well respected and I have been a big fan of his work since the ‘80s. Originally, Mudslinger was made with all my own artwork. It may be fun to look at it, but I’m amateur. New artwork is a must. If this artist doesn’t come through, there’s plenty of great unknown talent out there who will get tapped on the shoulder. They’ll get paid too, so that’s great, as I hear artists appreciate that! We’re confident we’ll update the artwork whether Kickstarter flies or not. Outside of that, we are currently updating some cards to be more topical to today’s current events.

Spewgilist: Aside from world domination, what’s next after Mudslinger becomes the raging success it deserves to be? Will you look at additional game development, a booster pack model, or devoting your life to telling the world what wonderful people we are at We recommend the latter, as it always seems to work out poorly for us and misery loves cash.

Matt Dawson: We actually do intend to go with the booster back model if this pans out. Cards can easily be updated every election cycle with updated versions, booster packs, etc. Barna, my business partner in other ventures, mentioned he’d like to see “retro” versions and perhaps even different-themed versions of the game using the same gameplay mechanics. Of course, this is all pipe-dreaming at this point, but it’s nice to think about.

Spewgilist: Is there anything else you’d like us to know? This would be an excellent time to tell us how handsome and accomplished we are. No pressure.

Matt Dawson: Anything else to let you know? Well, I would like you to know how much we have appreciated all the great feedback we’ve received from those who have played and purchased the game in its original version. Even years after dropping the project, I would still get an occasional inquiry from someone asking where they can get a copy. The last email I got actually was from some college girl in Texas! I have no idea how Mudslinger traveled that way or what piqued her interest or how she found my email address, but there is no greater satisfaction than seeing others appreciate something one has created. I felt bad for telling her it was out of print and no copies were available.

I’ve worked on many projects over the past two decades, being self-employed for most of that time. In my other jobs, I fight for every client and sale (as one typically has to do in order to put bread on the table). Mudslinger was such a joy, because it’s the one product that seemed to utterly sell itself. Just sit down with it for an hour with friends. I’m looking forward to diving back into this and witnessing all those smiles, laughter and crazy reactions again. It’s almost as much fun to watch a group of people playing as it is to play it yourself.

Spewgilist: Thanks Matt, we look forward to the adventure.


And there you have it, folks. Matt Dawson and Mudslinger, on the road again. The game is a hoot, when the Kickstarters is available, you should buy us a copy.