City of Titans

Do you remember the best MMO ever created?


I'm talking about City of Heroes, of course.  


Sure it had issues.  Sure it was never as popular as other MMOs.  Sure NCSoft shut it down because, although profitable, it was not profitable enough.


But it was fun.  It was easy to play.  It was simple enough that I spent many hours playing it with my kids. For years.


And then, well, it was gone.


I've looked at other MMOs but the one thing that made City of Heroes so playable was that it never required crafting.  Eventually, they added crafting, but it was never required to play the game. I am not a fan of crafting. EVE Online, in my less than humble opinion, did it best, but, even then, it's something I did but never enjoyed. City of Heroes let me play without begin a slave to crafting. A lot of folks did not like that.


So the best MMO went silent.

But there is hope.  The Kickstarter for City of Titans closed more than a bit ago and development has been proceeding.  But they are close to opening up a second Kickstarter and if you want a superhero MMO not constrained by a studio, because I found both the DC and Marvel offers to be, at best, bland, you should follow them and, when it goes live, join me in saving the world.


City of Titans