Let's start with the marketing blurb:

"The puzzle battle card game of Vikings, epic stories, and lying about your ancestors."

Seriously, that made me chuckle.

The Kickstarter has ended for this game, but you can still get in on the pre-order.  Why, though, should you?

You can read the full description HERE but, in brief, it's a card game for 2-4 players where you start with a saga card and must establish who you are, who your parents are, and who their parents are.  Those would be your grandparents, in case I am going too fast for you.

This all sounds easy enough and that is the beauty of this game, it is not difficult to play but it demands some fairly interesting strategy.  You see, your starting saga card comes with six colored markers. Each of the cards you play has a dominate trait, that a full sized color hex on the card, and a recessive trait, that's half a colored hex on the card.

You place the colored markers from your beginning saga on these cards with the stipulation that you can only inherit one dominate trait from each couple in your past.  The dominate traits are easy, since they are the full colored hex.  It's the recessive traits that are tricky because you have to match colored half hexes to be able to play one of your saga points.

Which is why you get to swap out your ancestors.  You are building a saga here, you don't have time for actual facts!

The first player to use all their saga points, correctly, wins and gets to proclaim themselves the one true viking and demand favors from all other players.

I may have embellished the end game a tad.

There are a couple of very nice things this game offers to help you determine if you want to buy it:

  • There's a print and play link, HERE
  • There's an online demo, HERE
  • There's video of a sample game, HERE
  • And, lastly, there's a video tutorial, HERE

It looks like a fast paces and pretty fun game with, a you will see in the video, the chance to screw with your friends by altering their ancestry.

After all, are we going to stand for folks lying about their heritage without adding something?

Of course not.  We'res the fun in that?